Jason Daubert's 350/M20 Cutlass Supreme Hardtop

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1972 Cutlass Supreme Hardtop

Owner:  Jason Daubert, Allentown/Bethlehem, PA area (jason.daubert @ flsmidth.com)

Color: Matador Red (Paint code 75)

Top: originally had a black vinyl top

Interior: Black bench seat

Original 350: Yes (L34)

Original M20: Yes

A/C: No

Brakes: Originally power front drum - converted to disc

HD suspension: No

Rally Pack: No (clock in dash)

MSRP: $3257.60

G91 - 3.23:1 rear axle

N67 - Super stock III wheels

Documentation: vin on drivetrain, factory 4 speed hump and original hurst shifter

Modifications: side trim and decklid shaved, 15" super stock III's

History: (In Jason's words:)  Purchased from the original owner in 1988. Original owner ordered after seeing an identical automatic car on the lot. Produced at the Framingham, MA assembly plant on the 4th week of April 1972. Original owner received delivery May 9, 1972. Restoration is underway. Paint, exterior trim and mechanicals are complete. Extensive sheet metal work was required including a roof panel from a donor parts car. Interior and wiring are next when budget allows. (12/07)

Added to Registry:    December 2007

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