Doug Gosselin's 442 Convertible

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1972 442 Convertible

Owner:  Doug Gosselin, Vancouver, BC


VIN:   3J67V2M217xxx

Color:  Platinum Silver. Originally Green.

Top: Black   

Interior:  Dark Saddle buckets

Original 455:  Yes (on stand, out of car since 1986)

Original M20:  Yes

A/C:  No

Brakes:  power front discs

HD suspension: Yes

Rally Pack: Yes

Documentation:  V in VIN

Options:    Power windows - has the louvered hood.

Modifications:  Doug is installing a '69 455 from a Delta 88 built to W-30 specs. Painted Platinum Silver during its restoration.

Added to registry:  July 2005

History:  Doug is the third owner and finished its resoration in summer 2006. He bought it in September 2004 from a customer of his, who had purchased it from his cousin in 1982. The car was purchased new in Vancouver.

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