Ralph Hurtado's 1972 442

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This car was advertised in a Southern California Recycler publication and cars.com in April 2007 by Ralph (see ad below). Ralph sent me the VIN but not much other info. A realoldspower.com member called him about it. It was originally a lighter blue (Viking? Nordic?) with a white vinyl top. The 76,000 miles are said to be original as well as the engine block and sheetmetal. May have more info and photos soon.

1972 442 Hardtop

Owner:  Rafael Hurtado

Contact:  contact webmaster for email address

VIN:    3G87V2Z115...

Color:  Originally a lighter blue

Top:  originally white vinyl

Interior:  bench seat

Original 455:  Yes

Original M20: 



HD suspension: 

Rally Pack: 


Modifications:  Dual smorkel air cleaner MIA.


Added to registry:  May 2007

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