James Orcutt's Cutlass Supreme Convertible

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1972 Cutlass Supreme Convertible

Owner:  James Orcutt - Kansas City area

Contact:  james.orcutt@lexisnexis.com

VIN:    3J67V2M180933

Color:  currently White

Top:  Black

Interior:  Black A51 bucket seats and console

Original 455:  No

Original M20: 



HD suspension:  

Rally Pack:  Yes

Documentation:  V in VIN


History:  In James' own words from September 2007:

I have had my Cutlass Supreme since 1984 and never knew the significance of the V code. I knew it was a special car since I was told it originally had a W25 fiberglass ram-air hood as well as the 455 with the Muncie, power windows, power trunk opener, AC, sport steering wheel and tach and gages. At one time it had a little gismo attached to the speedometer cable (I think it was some sort of reducer) that helped keep the speed correct. Unfortunately, the hood was left off by the original owner and I could not get the pistons out so the block was trashed. I was 21 at the time and did not have the foresight to keep the block but I still have the original crank in the current engine.

I originally purchased this car from a guy at a body shop on 10th street in OKC. I saw it in his window for years but never stopped in. I always had 70 442s and was not interested in a 72 Cutlass. That all changed after selling my current 442 to pay for school. I started looking for another car to build and got hooked on the convertible. When I bought it had 66,000 miles and was a basket case. No wheels, tires, exhaust, hood, bumpers or even side marker lights. It was in the ruddy brown primer you see in the attached pictures but the windshield was smashed and the top was ruined. The interior was a mess and as stated above and the engine was rusted solid. The good thing was that had power windows and all the other items. The top frame was in great shape and since it was relatively low mileage for a 12 year old car, I bought it. The pictures of the car in primer are out of picture book my wife made for me a few years ago. The way it looks in this picture was after working on it an entire summer just to get it drivable at the same time pissing off my Mom and Dad as well ditching a girlfriend. You can imagine the number of hours just to get it here. Now fast forward 23 years. This paint job the second paint job and is now 12 years old. It is showing some rust in the quarters and front fenders. It has been garage kept since 1995 and driven hard on the weekends or when the weather is good. I refreshed the engine in 2000 and it runs strong. I now have 3 kids that absolutely love the car and constantly tell me to spin the tires. "You can imagine how easy that is".

Added to registry:  December 2007

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