Tom Stoker's 1970 350/M21 Cutlass Supreme Convertible


1970 Cutlass Supreme 350/M21 Convertible

Owner:    Tom Stoker (  [The car was for sale in 2008 and may have a new owner by now - I will try and verify]

Color:     Astro Blue

Top:       White

Interior:    Pearl A51 buckets and Console

A/C:     Yes

History:  Per Tom Stoker in March 2008:

I bought this car off eBay in 2004.  I had just sold my restored '69 Hurst Olds and wanted something I could drive and not worry about.  My father had sold Oldsmobiles and run Olds dealerships until he died in 1970.  I remember the new 442's and Cutlasses sitting at the dealership in the late '60's like it was yesterday.  So, my first 'real" car was a '72 Cutlass Supreme that was Viking Blue/White /White with buckets, console, power windows, seat, and locks.  I kept it for fourteen years and had to sell it because of my now ex-wife. 
When I sold the H/O in 2003, I decided to re-create that first Cutlass as closely as possible with a few "upgrades".  I wanted the same color combo with a small block, but I wanted a four speed, ragtop, and some other performance goodies.   This one has the numbers-matching 350, #6 heads, M-21, 12 bolt posi rearend, and manual drum brakes.  The fact that it has A/C and power steering didn't hurt.  It's a lot of fun.

Added to Registry:    April 2009



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