"Rumoured Sightings"


These are the ones I've heard about, but haven't hunted down yet:

Blue Supreme hardtop  - Pennsylvania:  Kurt Wilson told me of a Viking Blue car with no vinyl top and black bench interior that was special-ordered new in Monroeville, PA and was around Pittsburgh through at least the late 1970s. Anyone familiar with this car? (Added March '04)

Red convertible - Kentucky:   Olds man Bernie in W. Ohio told me about this one in 2002. He went and looked at it. It was rough but had a V in the VIN. I think he may be less than happy with me at the moment, so I haven't pushed him for more details.

3 Brown/Gold/Saddle V codes in Texas:  Ali at Texas442.com told me about these in 2001 in response to my first 442.com wanted ad. I'll try and find the email in my archives. He said he had seen three V codes over the years in Texas, and all were some shade of gold/bronze/brown with saddle interiors.

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