V Code Air Cleaner / Air Deflector

(updated 7/15/06)

1. Dual Snorkel Air Cleaner

One of the nice things about this site is the chance to compare notes. As we added more cars, we noticed several with a dual ventilation, dual snorkel air cleaner housings. A dual ventilation unit - Code NH / Part number 6487337 -  specifically for 455 SMT 4 speed cars is referred to in the 1972 Assembly Manual (see below), but the illustration shows a single snorkel. Greg Mross and I proceeded to beat the bushes on multiple Olds forums and resources looking for more details on the correct air cleaner application. this.

Richie Marsiglia of R & T Muscle Cars came through for us, citing the following book: "Oldsmobile Muscle Cars - Engine, Drivetrain and Suspensions Interchangeable Parts Guide 1964-72 A Bodies and 1966-72 Toronados" by Robert Sexton.

Per this book, Part # 6487337 / Code NH is a dual snorkel unit. Olds started using the NH code in late 1971 on 442 455 c.i. 4 bbl. applications.

On this site, Jay Ghirardi's two-owner car has the dual snorkel unit (with a 442 sticker, as it is a W29 442), and so does Hal Pike's original owner car. Interestingly, Hal's car (a Cutlass Supreme) appears to have remnants of a 442 sticker on it as well (instead of a Rocket 455 sticker). I have been unable to ask Hal about this yet. The MIA orange 442 (added Feb '05) also has the dual snorkel unit. All of the other non-OAI cars on the site have aftermarket or otherwise incorrect air cleaners, and one has a single snorkel, single ventilation 455 unit. All of the Code NH air cleaners may have used the 442 sticker, regardless of whether the cars were 442s or not . I looked at a super low-mile, unrestored 1973 V Code Cutlass S (not a 442) on Hot Rod Harry's web site, and this car also came with the 442 sticker. As more cars are added to the registry over time, we will be able to better verify this .

2. Air Deflector Reinforcement

As shown in the 1972 Assembly Manual (see left-hand side diagram), the L75/L77 cars with M20 trans received a reinforcement piece and different mounting than their automatic counterparts.

V Deflector Reinforcement.JPG (339836 bytes)

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