Robert Feeley's 1972 Fastback


1972 fastback (researching if W29 442 or not)

Owner:  Robert Feeley; Massachussetts


VIN:   3G87V2G128100 (Framingham built - 1B second week of January 72 build date)

Color:  Cameo White (code 11)  (now brown)

Top:  Black vinyl top

Interior:  Black A51/940 bucket seats (now MIA)

Original 455:  No engine - supposedly used for a Rallye 350 clone. Robert is tracking current whereabouts.

Original M20:   No trans. With the engine somewhere.

A/C: Yes, originally.


HD suspension:  

Rally Pack: 

Documentation:  V in VIN


History:  Robert bought this car to do a body swap on his 1970 442. It rolled into a tree and has rear end damage to the rear bumper and decklid. From what he knows, the engine and transmission were transplanted into a Rallye 350 clone.

Added to registry:  December 2003

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