(New Owner as of 10/09) 1972 442 Convertible - "V Code" 455 4 speed

(Top photos at B-J Las Vegas October 2009)

(Above: February 2008 photo - owned by Thornton. Below: December 2004 photos - owned by Terry Divelbliss)

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1972 442 convertible

Owner:  New owner as of 10/10/09 (via Barrett Jackson Las Vegas auction)


VIN:    3J67V2M1243xx

Color:  Cameo White (changed to Viking Blue in 2008 by Dick Thornton)

Top:  White

Interior:  Black A51 buckets and console

Original 455:  Yes

Original M20:  Yes - Thornton found the stamp on the top surface after removing it during the restoration

A/C:   Yes

Brakes:  Power front discs

HD suspension:   Yes

Rally Pack:  Yes

Documentation:  V in VIN, Fisher Body broadcast sheet, 1991 Auto Trader ad, 1991 restoration photos, some owner history

Modifications:  factory OAI hood/setup, tilt column, and sport steering wheel added in 1991

Added to registry:  November 2003

History:  Original owner from Greensburg, PA area. Car was put into storage in 1976 then put up for sale in 1991.Was frame-off restored (non-concours) in 1991 by a R. McAraw from McKeesport, PA. Was sold in Fall '91 due to divorce to Frank Spelic of Glenshaw, PA. Terry Divelbliss bought the car in October 2001 based on an EBay auction listing. Car had ~ 50,000 original miles as of 12/04. Troy Thornton purchased the car from Terry on December 26, 2004 and it was restored by Dick Thornton, at which time it was painted Viking Blue and given the reproduction 1971-style chrome SSIs (the car did have SSIs originally though). Sold at Palm Springs auction for $100,000 in Spring 2008 to person in Tequesta, FL with Ebay ID "dwm208". Auctioned for $68,200 at Barrett Jackson Las Vegas on October 10, 2009. New owner not known yet.

(Below: 1991 Pittsburgh area Auto Trader ad which was clipped and kept by Terry Divelbliss, who eventually - and coincidentally - bought this car in 2001. No, the phone number is no longer with the old owner of the car. That was a dead end...)

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