1972 442 - Whereabouts Unknown

1972 442 hardtop

442 72 orng 4554sp 16900.jpg (98636 bytes)

Color:  appears to be Flame Orange / Black interior

A/C:  No

Added to registry:   February 2005

History:  I was recently digging through old diskettes of car pics I've grabbed from the web over the past 6 or 8 years. I stumbled across this one, which was labeled "72 455 4 speed". I remember pulling this from an Auto Trader dealer ad, and the file date indicates November 1999.  The fact that it has the correct (albeit chromed) dual snorkel air cleaner leads me to believe this is a legit V Code. It was advertised at $16,999. Anyone out there know where it is today?

442 72 orng engine.jpg (85496 bytes)

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