1968 Cutlass S Post Coupe

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I acquired this car in March 2005 from an Olds buddy in Ohio. He bought it from the second owner in January '05. It's a lifelong Montana car and was with the original female owner until 2002. It's amazingly untouched. It has the original Jade Gold paint and Willow Gold interior. 83,000 miles. Factory equipped with the hi-compression 350 4 barrel, 3 speed stick, dual exhaust, rally pack and 3:08 open rear.No PS, PB or A/C. The frame, floors and trunk are eye-poppingly clean and the body has virtually no rust - just two quarter-sized spots behind the rear wheelwells. SSIs have been added - it was a hubcap car originally. Runs fantastic and looks great. It will get fresh paint and new seat covers eventually.

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(I have this spare tire and four others with 80+% tread for sale - Cooper Trendsetter SEs, 225/75/14. $180 for all 5 - my 14x6 rims are not included!)

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