Randy Cunniff's 442 Hardtop

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(June 2005 - on the road for the first time in two decades!)

1972 442 hardtop

Owner:  Randy Cunniff



Color:  Originally Sterling Silver (code 14)

Top: originally Black vinyl

Interior:  Black A51 bucket seats and console

Original 455:  Yes

Original M20:  Yes

A/C:   No

Brakes:  Manual drums front and rear

HD suspension:  Yes

Rally Pack: 

Documentation:  V in VIN, full Fremont build sheet

Modifications:  AM/FM 8-track was installed.

History:  Jim Bonner owned the car from 1973- April 2005. He purchased it from a younger girl when it had 3,000 miles on it. It was last licensed in 1985 - Jim was not a car guy at all. Car is bone stock, and has 60,000 miles. Factory 3:23 rear. Jason Reser of Liberty Lake, WA bought the car in April 2005 and got it back on the road. Randy bought the car in April 2007 via Ebay. (Note: Randy also owns multiple Cutlass SXes, so I knew of him before he became a V Code owner. - Terry)

Added to registry:  April 2005

(Below: April 2007 photos)

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