John Ebbs' 1972 Cutlass Supreme Convertible

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(More details to come...)

1972 Cutlass Supreme convertible

Owner:  John Ebbs, Seabrook, NH


VIN:    3J67V2xxxxxx

Color:  originally Radiant Green

Top:  White

Interior:  Black A51 buckets and console

Original 455: 

Original M20: 



HD suspension:  

Rally Pack: 

Documentation:  V in VIN

Modifications:  multiple color repaints

Added to registry:   May 2006

History:  Car was purchased by Paul Gomes ( in late April 2006 out of Massachussetts; odometer shows 79,000 miles. Traded to John Ebbs, Spring 2009. John previously owned another Viking Blue 442 V Code convertible in this registry.

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