Tim and Krystal DeMoranville's Cutlass S Hardtop

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(Restoration photos from early 2007)

1972 Cutlass S Hardtop

Owner:  Tim and Krystal DeMoranville; New Bedford, MA

Contact:  jucketwife@gmail.com

VIN:    3J87V2M235623

Color:  Originally Pinehurst Green with no vinyl top. Currently black primer.

Top: Pinehurst Green

Interior:  Green Conventional Bench seat

Original 455:  ?

Original M20:  ?



HD suspension:

Rally Pack: 

Documentation:  V in VIN



Added to registry:  July 2005

History:  On Ebay briefly in June 2006 out of Batavia, NY. (ad below)  Tim and Krystal bought it and plan to restore it as close to original as possible. Tim found this site while looking at Robert Herrera's sale listing on Ebay in March 2006, as he referenced the registry..

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