Muncie M20 4 Speed Setup and Shifter Pics / VIN Locations

This page shows the correct Hurst shifters and handles for 1972 V Code cars, factory diagrams of the M20 setup, and where to find your engine and trans VIN stampings.

**NEW!!**  Correct shifters and handles (photos courtesy of Jeff Salinardi)

V shifters1.JPG (33051 bytes) V shifter handles.JPG (38447 bytes)


Diagrams from the 1972 Cutlass / 442 Assembly Manual

4 spd setup scan.jpg (363417 bytes)

Muncie Transmission VIN Location and Rod Setup (view from driver's side bottom)

v code m20 vin location.jpg (414558 bytes)

engine and trans VIN stamp chart.jpg (298365 bytes)

And your Olds 350/455 VIN stamp is located here.....

engine VIN stamp chart.jpg (39978 bytes)

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