Yellow 442

(On Ebay as of August 20, 2007.  Was previously on Ebay in May 2006 and again in April 2007 out of NC)

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(April 2007 pic)

Owner:  "nickstrucks" out of Texas

Interior:  Black A51 buckets and console

Original 455:  No - has a 1970 E headed 455.
Original M20: 
HD suspension: 
Rally Pack: 

Other Options
Documentation:  V in VIN
Added to registry:   July 2006
History:  Was on Ebay in May 2006 in the Northeast if I recall correctly. Was on Ebay in April 2007 by Craig ('olds66442' Ebay ID) out of North Carolina but did not meet the reserve. Was sold and went to Texas. Back on Ebay for sale by "nickstrucks" in August 2007.

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(April 2007 photos above; May 2006 photos below))

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