The 1972 Cutlass/442 "V Code" Registry

**  updated 3/23/2013 **

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Ah, memories... During 2002-2003, I had *two* V codes in my garage (note the plates). The white 442 convertible was sold in late 2004 (dumb move), but the dark blue Supreme hardtop is back in the garage as of May 2006 after having two interim owners.

The "V Code" Registry attempts to track the few Cutlass Supreme notchbacks built in 1972 with the L75 455 and M20 4 speed transmission. I've always been a fan of the '72 Supreme styling and figured that there had to be some "ultimate" ones built with a 455 4 speed drivetrain. These are very special cars, as no 455 manual transmission Supremes were built in 1970 or 1971, just TH400 automatic cars. (see In 1972, you could finally get a big block stick in this body style, but only 77 were built.

I placed a Cars Wanted ad on in early 2001. I heard from one owner who was interested in selling (I eventually bought his car 3 years later), and Greg Mross provided a copy of a 1980 letter with official Oldsmobile production numbers for 1972 cars built with the 270 net h.p. L75/M20 (which is designated by a V in the VIN, hence the "V Code" nickname). This letter was from the late, legendary Helen Earley (who was in Oldsmobile Public Relations at the time), and was drafted before much of this detailed production information was lost due to a fire in the 1980s (link to this letter below).

In any case, these cars fascinate me and I have attempted to document as many as possible with the help of the other V Code owners out there. The registry quickly expanded to include the convertibles (66 built) and fastbacks (maybe as many as 751 built) as well. If you have one of these cars or know someone who does, please contact me at

1980 letter from Helen Early with V Code Supreme Production Numbers

V Code Specifications - by Greg Mross

Correct Muncie 4 speed Shifters & Diagrams   / Where to find your 350/455 engine and trans VIN stamps

V Code Air Cleaner and Air Deflector Reinforcement Info and Pics 

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Cutlass Supreme Hardtops (77 built)

Terry Divelbliss' Cutlass Supreme hardtop   

Dan Guild's Cutlass Supreme Hardtop   **updated March 2013**

Brian McCall's Cutlass Supreme hardtop 

Steve Minore's Cutlass Supreme hardtop  

Greg Mross' Cutlass Supreme hardtop    

Hal Pike's Cutlass Supreme hardtop 

Black Cutlass Supreme hardtop - *8200 original miles* - Unknown Owner near Buffalo, NY  


Cutlass Supreme Convertibles - including W29 442s  (66 built)

Steve Aumann's Cutlass Supreme convertible

Jim Ballinger's Cutlass Supreme Convertible

Joel Booher's 442 convertible 

Greg Brennan's 442 Convertible  ** Updated March 2013 **

Dave's 442 convertible   

John Ebbs' 442 convertible 

Jay Ghirardi's 442 convertible  

Paul Gomes' Cutlass Supreme convertible

Doug Gosselin's 442 convertible 

Cliff Hardaway's 442 convertible 

Wayne Harvey's Cutlass Supreme convertible  ** Updated March 2013 ** 

Lombardy 442 Convertible    

Michael Norman's 442 convertible 

Mike's 442 convertible   

James Orcutt's Cutlass Supreme convertible 

George Pauuw's Cutlass Supreme convertible  

Troy Thornton's 442 convertible

Jim Wortham's 442 convertible  

MIA - Unknown owner in San Diego area   


Cutlass / Cutlass S fastback hardtops - including W29 442s

Paul Bonstrom's 442 hardtop    

Gilbert Bustamante's Cutlass S   

Randy Cunniff's 442 hardtop 

Tim and Krystal DeMoranville's Cutlass S hardtop   

Steve Double's Viking Blue 442 hardtop  ** Updated March 2013 **

Robert Feeley's hardtop  

David Garrett's hardtop   

Rich Grabits' Cutlass S hardtop   

Perry Hasty's 442 hardtop  

Ralph Hurtado's 442 (for sale in California)

John Keller's Cutlass S hardtop 

LR Newton's silver 442 hardtop  

Gino Niccoli's 442 hardtop

Dave Sandvold's cameo White 442 hardtop   

Tony's 442 hardtop 

Louie Venir's Flame Orange 442 hardtop  

Cameo White 442 for sale in Wisconsin 

Orange 442 hardtop (dealer pics from November 1999)      MIA

Viking Blue 442 hardtop - Volo Auto Museum  MIA

Yellow 442 hardtop in North Carolina May 2007 

Matador Red Cutlass S hardtop   *Deceased* 

Rumoured V Code Sightings


1972 factory 350 4 speed Supremes 

These babies are super rare too....

Jason Daubert's 1972 Cutlass Supreme 350 4 speed hardtop 

John Joyce's 1972 Cutlass Supreme 350 4 speed hardtop 

Bob Kerr's 1972 Cutlass Supreme 350 4 speed hardtop

Ronnie Reid's 1972 Cutlass Supreme 350 4 speed hardtop   

Tom Stoker's 1970 350/M21 Cutlass Supreme Convertible 

1972 Cutlass Supreme 350 4 speed hardtop - CT    

1972 Cutlass Supreme 350 4 speed convertible  MIA

1972 pewter Cutlass Supreme 350/4 speed hardtop (On Ebay Sept. 2001 - Wisconsin)    MIA

1972 viking blue Cutlass Supreme convertible 350/4 speed (On Ebay Nov. 2001)    MIA 

1970 gold Cutlass Supreme convertible 350/M21 4 speed (2003)    MIA 

I will be adding info on a few other 350 4 speed cars that have turned up in prior years.

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