1972 350 / 4 speed Cutlass Supreme - Bob Kerr, Indiana

When I started looking for a 455 4 speed Supreme in 2001, Bob Kerr answered my 442.com wanted ad. He said he had this 350 4 speed Supreme in Indiana. It was apparently an Olds zone manager's car. It's a Saturn Gold A/C, bucket seat car with the Lansing broadcast sheet still under the back seat. The #s drivetrain is still intact but the car is very rusty and the bucket seat tracks were cut out. These pics are from March 2001, and as far as I know the car is still sitting in that field.

72 sup pass sidefront.jpg (35148 bytes)  72 sup rhsidefront.jpg (34604 bytes)

72 sup driver side.jpg (43270 bytes)    72 sup drivers side door.jpg (45661 bytes)

  72 sup floor tunnel.jpg (39461 bytes)    72 sup shifter.jpg (40355 bytes) 

72 sup engine.jpg (44764 bytes)  72sup trans.jpg (34806 bytes)

72 suptrans driveshaft.jpg (37344 bytes)  72 sup trunk rust 1.jpg (41663 bytes)

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