Mike's 1972 442 Convertible

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This 1972 442 convertible was listed on Ebay in January 2007. The owner was not excited about selling it but was fishing to see what it might bring since it was Barret Jackson's Scottdale auction week at the time. It made it to the mid-20s with reserve not met.

1972 442 Convertible

Owner:  Mike, Ohio



Color:  Royal Blue (1972 Toronado color - special order)

Top: Black

Interior:  Black A51 bucket seats and console

Original 455:  Yes, but E heads on it now

Original M20:  Yes, with eth car. Has another Muncie in it now.

A/C:  Yes

Brakes:  Power front disc

HD suspension:  Yes

Rally Pack:  Yes

Documentation:  Window sticker, V in VIN, other original docs

Modifications:  E heads, W-30 spec engine internals. M22 w/ HD clutch (Mike has the M20, original 2 disc clutch and 10 1/4" flywheel)

History:  Mike purchased the car in Sarasota, FL in 2002. Was previously out of Wooster, OH and before that had been purchased in Indiana from the widow of the owner, who was killed in a car accident. The car has never been apart, but was painted in 1994.

Added to registry:  February 2007

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