John Keller's 1972 Cutlass S

(Feb. 2007 Restoration photos added below - scroll down)

Jim S V lh side.bmp (614466 bytes)

1972 Cutlass 'S' hardtop (Feb. 2006 photo above)
Unrestored, Unmodified Original! We hope to get a lot of good 'correctness' info from this car to assist in other V Code restorations.

Owner:  John Keller, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada

VIN:   3G87V2M1754xx
Color:  Radiant Green       
Top:  Radiant Green
Interior:  White A51 buckets and console
Original 455:  Yes
Original M20:  Yes
A/C:   No
Brakes:  Power front disc
HD suspension:    No
Rally Pack:  Yes

Other factory-installed options:  Engine block heater, sport mirrors, rear defogger , AM radio, SSII wheels
Documentation:  V in VIN; GM Canada documentation
Modifications:  None
Added to registry:   February 2006
History:  Lansing car built Feb. 3, 1972 - sold new at Saskatoon Motor Products, Ltd. 90,000 mile car. Jim Bartrop of Delisle, SK found it while Chevelle hunting. He bought it from the second owner who had it for 20 years, and who parked it six years ago. John Keller bought the car in September 2006 and is conducting a complete restoration which he hopes will be complete in Spring 2007..

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jim S V engine.bmp (614466 bytes)

jim S V int.bmp (614466 bytes)

Jim S V inside trunk.bmp (614466 bytes)

February 2007 Photos added below (12/07)

Keller hump.jpg (154746 bytes)

keller trunk floor resto.jpg (178832 bytes)

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