1969-1972 Pontiac Grand Prix Photos

I'm up to my eyeballs in Oldsmobiles and Corvettes, a couple of which need attention (time and money). However, if I ran across a nice car at a great price, I would love to have a 1969-1972 Grand Prix SJ. Great style, and you don't see them every day. I like the SSJs too. I've grabbed pics from Ebay auctions and elsewhere over the past few years (the Yahoo GP forums, traderonline.com, Hemmings, etc.) I thought I'd share these pics with other Grand Prix fans so they aren't lost to time, especially some of the rough SSJs which may have been crushed by now.  **All pics are the property of the respective owners/photographers.**

1971 Hurst SSJ Brochure

71ssjbroch-1.jpg (665384 bytes)

71ssjbroch-2.jpg (599309 bytes)

This slick black '72 SJ was for sale on traderonline in June 2004

72 sj gp black x3.jpg (54868 bytes)

SSJ lurking in the background - From www.gtoman.com circa May 2004.

1021435476-pic1.jpg (55260 bytes)

I was bidding on this SSJ when it was on Ebay in June 2004 in Aransas Pass, TX. It did get a new home.

75_1_b.jpg (26693 bytes)  7e_1.jpg (21702 bytes)

e1_1.jpg (27263 bytes)  f7_1.jpg (29455 bytes)

This severely rusted '71 SSJ was on Ebay in 2004.

e3_1.jpg (44075 bytes)  f6_1.jpg (28952 bytes)

b6_1_b.jpg (42872 bytes)  4a_1.jpg (27121 bytes)

2a_1.jpg (31011 bytes)

Beautiful homebuilt '72 GP convertible w/ honeycombs and hood tach



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