Odd 1972 OAI Cutlass Supreme

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I just unearthed these photos that I had saved to disk. This car turned up on Ebay in 2001 or 2002 or so. It was for sale by a charity group in Southern California. Around the same time, another one just like it turned up for sale, Cameo White with the same Hurst/Olds-style half top, Dual Gate, 442 badging, OAI, etc. also in very original-looking shape. The guy with the other one swore it was a dealer package done by a western dealership, but that email is long gone. Does anyone know anything about these cars? It was probably just a super-well equipped U Code Supreme with dealer-installed OAI, and some goof added the 442 emblems later. But...why wouldn't they go for a sport steering wheel too if doing a full-on pseudo-clone?

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