Phil Grande's 442 Convertible

(Updated post-restoration photos coming soon)

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(2002 photos)

1972 442 convertible

Owner:  Phil Grande



Color:  Viking Blue

Top: White (originally Black)

Interior:  White A51 bucket seats, no console

Original 455:  Yes

Original M20:  Yes


Brakes:  Manual drums front and rear

HD suspension:

Rally Pack:  No

Documentation:  V in VIN, original order form/sales invoice, discussion with original owner

Modifications:  Equipment added includes OAI hood/setup, Super Stock wheels

History:  (details from Tom Cochran of Westwood, MA - third owner from ~ 1994-2000) The first owner was a doctor who lived in Wisconsin at the time of purchase. He special ordered it with emblem and stripe delete and no power options. He moved to Massachusetts and later sold the car (@1990) to a guy who took it to Texas for a couple of years when he was in the Airforce. Tom bought it from him when he came back to Mass.and was getting transferred.  He did a restoration that included new fenders, one new quarter, rechromed original rear bumper, new conv top and interior (carpet and seat covers), and added the ram air hood. Floors, frame and trunk are original and in good shape. The drivetrain was untouched (a little tired) and 100% original. He also upgraded the wheels to SS1's, as it had dog dish hubcaps on it when he got it. Tom also added power steering because the car was so hard to drive when he got it.

Added to registry:  November 2003

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